GETFOODS offers top quality fruit and vegetables that stand out for their flavor and appearance, chosen by size, color and durability. 

What We’re Looking For

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    It provides products of high nutritional value that preserve but also highlight the unique features of the Greek diet culture cultivated under strict supervision and the unfailing care of the company’s associates. 

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    For the supply of its products, GETFOODS selects and works with the most reliable suppliers based on their absolute specialization in the field in order to have the ability to provide consistent quality and the appropriate quantities but to, also,  have the necessary flexibility so as to adjust to the specific needs of the market.

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    It ensures availability of fruit and vegetables of high and consistent quality and safety through the implementation of stringent food quality and safety systems in the primary and processing sector.

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    The products are accompanied by the necessary quality and standards certificates that allow them to be handled in the markets of the European Union and to be exported in third countries. 

    The product range includes most fruit and vegetables. 

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