To consolidate GETFOODS as one of the fastest growing companies at the marketing of exceptional mediterranean products, with high nutritional value and affordability for the consumer while ensuring environmental and social nees of the rural areas where it operates.

To offer the consumer qualified products that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet of the modern man, in harmony with nature and respect for the environment of the greek countryside


The high quality fruit and vegetables’ marketing, of wide variety, nutritious products, healthy, safe and in sufficient quantities for the customers – consumers.

Our mission is to create connection and promotion channels between greek and foreign consumers and in selected greek nutrition products. Key to the achievement is the fundamental principles of the company and its officers that are:

  • the quality as a competitive advantage
  • innovation as a driver of development
  • customer service as a priority


– We act responsibly and reliably at a economic, social and environmental level.

  • The customer satisfaction determines our actions.
  • The predominant relation of price and performance determines our position in the market.



GET FOODS trades fruit and vegetables of conventional and organic crops serving all the market’s and modern consumer’s needs.
It supplies major supermarket chains and develops solid partnerships with both overseas markets and organized retail chains, food service chains, hotels, catering services, food manufacturing industries in Greece


GETFOODS has solid partnerships with Greek producers, that selects based on ways of cultivation and harvest as well as the certification of Integrated Rural Management System for the manufacture of their products.
To meet the growing needs in products the company will develop its partnerships through contract farming.


GETFOODS cooperates with transport companies (transportation with refrigerated or dry cargo, air shipping, transport containers) with which gathering, handling and distribution is realized and are able to satisfy, in reasonable time any demand even in exotic and imported products from anywhere in the world.


GETFOODS is working with refrigerator companies that provide cold storage services. They provide facilities to store any kind of food, in appropriate conditions and with the appropriate way (controlled atmosphere cold rooms, freezers and precoolers).


GETFOODS collaborates with standardization / packaging and storage of fruit and vegetables companies which own modern sorting, high tech micro packaging machinery and refrigerators.
Following a modern warehouse management ensures the best quality of packaged fresh fruit and vegetables in large quantities.